An Apprentice of Indigo stages

An Apprentice of Indigo in the Making

I first saw the photograph which inspired this portrait a few years ago, an instantly fell in love with this little girl. There is something so engaging about her joyful smile and the innocence she conveys as she proudly shows the blue of the indigo plant on her hands. Perhaps she has been doing something mischievous, or perhaps she has been helping as others hand dye fabric according to traditional methods. Either way, the simple pleasure of her actions is a universal experience, and is delightfully captured in this portrait.

I have wanted to draw her ever since I first saw her, and then when I discovered the image which inspired my drawing An Age of Indigo, I knew that they would be a perfect pair. At opposite ends of the generational spectrum, they both exude joy, and both make me smile as I look back at them.

Whilst drawing this portrait I scanned the picture at regular intervals to document the drawing process. This record is a visual diary for me, and a way to share how I work and what goes into creating an artwork like this. I posted the steps of this and many other artworks on my Facebook page in the Works in Progress album, so that my followers can join me on the journey. I love this opportunity to connect the solo work of an artist in her studio in Cornwall with a worldwide audience, sharing my thoughts at each point along the way.

This little girl has been a delight to have on my drawing board, and I am glad to have had this time getting to know her.

The original artwork, limited edition prints and greetings cards featuring An Apprentice of Indigo are available to purchase, please contact me directly for more information.

A great many thanks go to Réhahn Photography for his generosity in allowing me to reference his incredible photograph.