Danny and Lisa – Commissioned Pencil Portrait

I am fortunate to be able to call this beautiful couple friends of mine, and this image brings back many great memories of their wonderful wedding day.

Drawing people you know brings a different set of challenges to it than drawing a stranger. Of course achieveing a likeness is always my foremost concern, and it can help when you know the subject, but there is a risk that as an artist you are also able to be less objective.

Their choice of photograph for the source image was excellent as it really captures Lisa’s natural beauty and her radiance on their big day, and the kindness and pride that just shines from Danny.

When you think of portraiture, faces are what typically spring to mind. This drawing is a great example of what else can be involved and how complex a portrait can be. With silk, lace, flowers, embroidery and jewels all to be detailed, it called for numerous different techniques in the drawing. These challenges though are also what brings the image to life, and keeps me learning as an artist.

It was a joy to create this, especially knowing Danny and Lisa, and just how much love they have for one another. It is a privilege to be a small part of celebrating that with them.