Featured in Color Magazine

May 2019 issue of Color Magazine, an American publication by the coloured pencil artist Ann Kullberg, showcases my drawing The Violet Veil.
Across five pages I detail the materials used and describe my process, designed so Color readers can also draw this portrait, step by step.

I am thrilled to be the cover artist for such a respected magazine, and to have this opportunity to share my work with a global audience whom I hope will be inspired as I was by the beauty and potential of coloured pencil. Download your copy here at

Seeing my artwork published is always a delight, however this feature has particular importance to me. When I was a teenager growing up in a small town in England, I had few frames of reference for what was happpening in the art world outside of my efforts at home and in school. For those of us who remember a time before the internet bombarded us with images and information, you will appreciate how hard it could be to find others who shared your interests. I happened upon a book by Ann Kullberg in my local library, and remember vividly how amazed I was by her artwork, and the joy of discovering a collection of such realistic portraits. The fact they were all in coloured pencil was beyond my comprehension, it seemed impossibly exciting and intriging. Now all these years later here I am, having had the opportunity to thank Ann directly for writing that book and for being an inspiration to my younger self, I am feeling very grateful for all that has happened and for the joy that art brings to mine and to so many others lives.