Greetings Cards Available

In this digital era, sending and receiving handwritten cards and letters is all the more meaningful. It is one of life’s simple pleasures, receiving something in the post bearing the mark of a loved one, and the excitement that comes with recognising their handwriting on the envelope. It makes us feel thought of and considered in ways that a text message or email cannot compete with.

Many of my artworks are featured on greetings cards, and are a perfect way to say ‘I am thinking of you’ to someone you care about. With a range of British wildlife studies, beautiful portraits of people from around the world, and those pictures with the added cute factor like First Forage, featured here, there is something to match everyone’s tastes.

Buying a greetings card from an independent business like myself means so much more than a purchase from a mainstream store can do. I think I can speak for all my fellow artists when I say that every card really does make a difference, and raises a smile with both the person who created it as well as the person who receives it.

My cards are produced by a small independent printer here in Cornwall, come with a white envelope and are plastic free. And at just £2 each are a perfect way to share a little original art.

Take a look at my gallery of artworks, choose which images you like the best, and click on the picture to see if cards are available in this design. Then just drop me line to place your order, and know that you will be making someone’s day with your purchase.