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Color Magazine May 2019 Tamsin Dearing Coloured Pencil

Color Magazine May 2019 Tamsin Dearing Coloured Pencil2

Color Magazine May 2019 Tamsin Dearing Coloured Pencil3

Color Magazine May 2019 Tamsin Dearing Coloured Pencil6

May 2019 issue of Color Magazine, an American publication by the coloured pencil artist Ann Kullberg, showcases my drawing The Violet Veil.
Across five pages I detail the materials used and describe my process, designed so Color readers can also draw this portrait, step by step.

I am thrilled to be the cover artist for such a respected magazine, and to have this opportunity to share my work with a global audience whom I hope will be inspired as I was by the beauty and potential of coloured pencil. Download your copy here at annkullberg.com

Seeing my artwork published is always a delight, however this feature has particular importance to me. When I was a teenager growing up in a small town in England, I had few frames of reference for what was happpening in the art world outside of my efforts at home and in school. For those of us who remember a time before the internet bombarded us with images and information, you will appreciate how hard it could be to find others who shared your interests. I happened upon a book by Ann Kullberg in my local library, and remember vividly how amazed I was by her artwork, and the joy of discovering a collection of such realistic portraits. The fact they were all in coloured pencil was beyond my comprehension, it seemed impossibly exciting and intriging. Now all these years later here I am, having had the opportunity to thank Ann directly for writing that book and for being an inspiration to my younger self, I am feeling very grateful for all that has happened and for the joy that art brings to mine and to so many others lives.


Wakhan Girl Tamsin Dearing Coloured Pencil Portrait Copyright 2019


Wakhan Girl is a portrait of a child who lives in the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. The client met her and her family whilst travelling in the region, and took the incredible photograph that inspired this drawing. As with my earlier artwork, Bhutan Women, this has become a visual record of traditional costume from before increasing Westernisation led to changes in the culture and communities.

The sheer complexity of this picture and the arresting expression on the young girl's face made this by far the most challenging drawing I have experienced. Commissioned portraits are wonderful for stretching me as an artist as they so often contain elements - such as all these beads she is wearing, or the embroidered thread decorating her waistcoat, that I would not ordinarily choose to draw for fun. In addition, working on the fawn coloured paper brought unexpected changes to the vibrancy of the pencil. It is the perfect choice to bring out the white of her head scarf, but meant I had to find a new way to work compared to the more familar approach with white paper.

As is the way with moving beyond your comfort zone, this drawing brings with it for me a sense of pride, greater knowledge of the potential of coloured pencil, and the desire to take all I now know forward into my future creations.





WIP pencil portrait Copyright Tamsin Dearing 2019

After months of coloured pencil work it feels like a treat to be back with my trusty graphite pencils. I am gradually adding more and more wrinkles to this wonderful face, a portrait that I have been working on occasionally whilst between commissions. Thanks go to Rehahn Photography for the source image.


Hand On Art Tamsin Dearing 2019



Many thanks to Diane Griffiths of Hand on Art for this blog post, I am very flattered to have been invited to chat with her about pastels and creativity. Diane is a very skilled painter who mixes media with dramatic effects, so get yourself a cuppa and enjoy exploring her website, I am in love with her skies.

Read the full interview and enjoy Diane's art here.

Tamsin Dearing coloured pencil commission in progress copyright 2019

Tamsin Dearing coloured pencil commission in progress2 copyright 2019

On my drawing board currently is the most technically challenging drawing I have undertaken, a commissioned A3 size coloured pencil portrait. This is just a sneak peek as the big reveal will come once the client has received the artwork. I am using Polychromos pencils by Faber Castell, along with a single white Polychromos for it’s extra creamy properties, and drawing on Stonehenge paper.


Cub Scout Coloured Pencil Portrait Tamsin Dearing copyright 2017



Cub Scout has found a new home, thanks to visitors to the ArtAbility exhibition at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens - fantastic show which is curated by and in aid of St.Teresas' Leonard Cheshire Home near Penzance. It is an honour to have been invited to take part in this exhibition, which features works by both residents of St.Teresas and local artists, and I am delighted to be able to support the excellent work that they do. Cub Scout, you will be missed, though I hope you watch over your new owners for many years to come.





ArtAbility Exhibition 2018


I am proud to have been invited to participate in the ArtAbility 2018 exhibition at the beautiful Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

This exhibition is a collaboration between residents at St.Teresa's Leonard Cheshire home near Penzance, and artists from across Cornwall. 

Running from Tuesday 13th till Sunday 18th November, the exhibition is open from 11am - 4pm each day.

Entry to the exhibition is free, and could be coupled with exploring the sculpture gardens or heading further afield in West Cornwall, with the knowledge that you are supporting the great work of all at St.Teresa's.







Lupo meets Lupo pastel portrait T.Dearing 2018

Client feedback is always appreciated, and these words made my day...
'Just thought I would let you know your art work of Lupo was is loved so much by my friend (almost as much as she loves the subject) It bought tears to her eyes. Truly the best reaction I could ever have hoped for, as it shows how moved she was by your wonderful depection of him. Even he was in awe as you can see!

For the joy that your work brings a mere thank you doesn't seem enough. Once again you have exceeded expectations.'


Tamsin Dearing Amur Leopard Copyright 2016

My pencil drawing Amur Leopard has been highly commended in the SAA Artist of the Year competition!

The artwork will first be exhibited at the SAA HQ in Nottingham, and then at Birmingham NEC at the International Craft and Hobby Fair in November. Amur Leopard will be seen by thousands of people, a wonderful opportunity for me to highlight the possibilities of the humble pencil and paper.








Lupo Pastel Copyright Tamsin Dearing 2018



The very handsome Lupo is a much loved pet, and the subject of my latest commission. This is the second time that I have been commissioned to create a portrait of a black poodle, the first was one of my earliest artworks as a professional artist, and I will never forget just how challenging I found the subject. There is something about those tight curls and the particularly black black of their hair that really keeps you looking and working extra hard.

In contrast to the previous black poodle which I drew in pencil, Lupo here is created in pastel on velour paper, which really adds to the velveteen appearance, making you want to reach out and stroke him.

I hope that this portrait made the recipient's birthday all the more special, and that Lupo will enjoy having his image hanging on the wall in the family home for all to enjoy.