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Tamsin Dearing Amur Leopard Copyright 2016






My pencil drawing, Amur Leopard, has been selected as a finalist in the The SAA Artist of the Year 2018 competition! It is entered in the category of Animal or Wildlife so I have no doubt that the competition will be steep. The original artwork will very soon be heading to The SAA headquarters to join the other finalists for the next round of judging.

This was a very challenging picture to draw as anyone who has subjected themselves to drawing that much fur and white whiskers will appreciate, so I hope it withstands close scrunity by the panel. Fingers crossed!

Greetings cards featuring Amur Leopard and also limited edition prints of this and other artworks are available to purchase.

Tamsin Dearing Heart of Stone Copyright 2015

On Good Friday I received the very good news that my drawing Heart of Stone has been chosen as one of 350 artworks for the Jacksons Open Painting Prize 2018 longlist.

JOPP is an international competition with an extremely high standard of entries. I highly recommend viewing the longlist gallery here.

The shortlist as selected by a panel of judges will be announced on the 26th April, very best of luck to all my fellow artists with the next round!

Prizes will be awarded for a number of categories, including the People's Choice Award. If you would like to vote for Heart of Stone, your support would be very much appreciated. Voting closes on the 29th April 2018.

The inspiration for this artwork began when I found the starring stone. I was sat at Caerhays, a nearby beach here in Cornwall, and after some time spied the stone half buried by my feet. I was thrilled to discover it was so perfectly shaped, and appreciated it all the more as it lifted the mood that had been weighing heavily on me. The image itself was made possible thanks to my friend John who hand modelled so excellently, and Paul who took exactly the photograph I had hoped for. It was many years before my artistic ability matched the idea I had for the artwork, so I drew in stages, every few months, till I could finally complete my vision.

If you would like a little Heart of Stone in your life, it is available as greetings cards and limited edition giclee prints. Any queries, just get in touch.


Cornish Galleries logo

Cornish Galleries makes it easy for businesses to enjoy curated collections by local professional artists. I am delighted to have been selected to be amongst the first artists whom are being represented. This new model of renting original art, along with the full curating service, ensures the client has the best of contemporary Cornish art and the artists enjoy sharing their work with a wider audience.   www.cornishgalleries.com

Rosy pencil portrait copyright Tamsin Dearing 2018




Rosy was a much loved family pet for many years, being a faithful companion and gentle friend. I learned how Rosy helped teach my client's daughter to walk when she was just a toddler, as she would pull herself up and hold on to Rosy's back as she practiced her balance and taking her first steps. What a wonderful way to explore the world, with the calm and solid presence of a loving Weimaraner.

Drawn in graphite pencil, with a hint of coloured pencil used to highlight the pinks around her nose and her golden eyes. This drawing is rare in that to achieve the smoothness of her coat, I employed a little smudging which I do not typically do. It was just enough to blend the graphite into the textured surface of the paper to create a softer finish, and for this artwork, was the perfect technique.







First Forage Pencil Portrait Copyright Tamsin Dearing 2017

With the arrival of 2018, also comes a year ahead filled with the potential of all the new art yet to be created, which is for me a very exciting prospect.

First up, here is First Forage, a drawing that I had been working on incrementally as time allowed last year. The majority of it was drawn at Fowey Art Trail, so you may have seen it in progress if you visited my exhibition there back in May.

I had wanted to draw an elephant for a long time. Like with any portrait subject, these creatures held lots of little surprises for me. It is amazing how much we actually don't see in every day life, and when you study something to create an image of it, you discover shapes and details that were otherwise hidden in plain sight. I have learned how surprisingly hairy a baby elephant is, that they have far more wrinkles in their leathery skin than I ever anticipated, and that as fun as it was to draw, I won't be hurrying to draw another elephant till I forget just how challenging at times this one was!

The subjects are adorable though and worth every stroke with the pencil. Drawn in graphite on grey toned Stonehenge paper, a few final touches were added with white pastel to create the highlights.


A limited edition of giclée prints will be created of First Forage, and pre-orders are now being taken. And this image will be featured as a new addition to my greetings card range in due course.


Untitled WIP Tamsin Dearing pencil portrait copyright 2017

This pencil portrait is my current work in progress, and is perhaps half way to completion. She accompanies me on my travels to produce markets, craft fayres and any other opportunities I have to sit and draw in public. This is a great way to demonstrate how I work, the materials I use, and to answer any questions from curious members of the public.

I am passionate about pencil as an artistic medium, so I love being able to show what is possible with such a humble tool. Also pictured is my trusty pencil case and the four mechnical pencils I have used to create all of the graphite pencil drawings you see on this website.

The source image of this Vietnamese woman is an amazing photograph by Réhahn Photography - do check out his work for truly inspirational portraiture photography: www.rehahnphotographer.com



Trenance Art Exhibition Party

I am very excited to see that there are an increasing amount of opportunities for us creative folk in my part of Cornwall to meet one another and share what we love to do. The upcoming Trenance Art Exhibition Party is one such event, generously curated and promoted by artist Mary Clare de Pentheny, and featuring a wonderfully diverse range of art by local artists and makers. It is a chance for the good people of St.Austell to come together for an evening of entertainment and culture, and to showcase our skills with interested people from far and wide.

If you can join us at this exhibition cum party, it would be fabulous to see you there, and I will be glad to show you the two entries I will be sharing on the night, Dalat Girl and A Thirst for Life.



Treverbyn Community Hall produce market 2017



The Hall at Treverbyn is home to a great many community events, including the Art Club that I teach at bi-monthly, and now also boasts a monthly produce market with traders all local to the area.

The first ever market was held this month, and it was a great success, attended by regulars of The Hall as well as visitors who had come along for the first time enjoying the range of produce and services available.

I will be a regular stall holder at this market, so will be there each month working on a drawing or pastel painting, and will have for sale greetings cards and perhaps some limited edition prints of my artwork.

It is a great way I find to meet people and hopefully inspire them to pursue a creative skill that they would like to possess, and to be able to share experiences and network with fellow artists also. Do come by and say hello if you are attending the market, and whilst at The Hall you can also enjoy some homecooked food and hot drinks in their super community cafe, or perhaps discover the many classes and activities that happen here in the heart of Cornwall.






Stoical Snow Leopard Pastel Tamsin Dearing copyright 2017



Snow Leopards are magnificent creatures, and as with all big cats, they inspire me to create art which I hope captures some of their strength and beauty.

This pastel portrait was commissioned as a birthday present for a very special woman who also has a great appreciation of these feline friends.

Pastels are a wonderful medium for animal pictures in particular, as when used on velour paper, they have a particularly soft and furry looking finish. When working on the picture you can add many light layers of different colours, which blend together to create a sense of depth and richness which you can see here in the peachy colours amongst the grey.

Many thanks go to Edged Feather Photography for their kind permission to work from their wonderful photograph. You can enjoy a superb selection of wildlife photography on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/edgedfeatherphotography






Pentreath Arty Party Callington 2017


Before I became fully self employed as an artist, I worked with an excellent charity called Pentreath, here in Cornwall. Pentreath deliver a range of projects which support individuals who are experiencing mental ill health, and I am delighted to be partnering with them again and able to work creatively with the local community.

On the 23rd October there will be a very colourful Arty Party in Callington, East Cornwall, where people from all walks of life will come together and learn, create and have fun in relaxed and exciting workshops.

My part in this is facilitating the Hall of Colour workshop, where we will be spending the day getting confident with drawing and painting people and each other, whilst exploring techniques and styles inspired by artists from around the world.

Places are free though booking is essential, so if you would like to join us for any of these events, do get in touch with Beatrice at Pentreath to reserve your place.