Sasha – Commissioned Pastel Portrait

This portrait of Sasha was commissioned to accompany a pastel portrait that was painted of her great grandmother, Doris, when she was the same age. Such a beautiful way to connect the generations. I delivered this portrait to its Cornish home by the sea, and saw where Sasha’s portrait will hang once framed – directly above the very chair that Doris sat on of an evening throughout her adult life.

As an artwork, it was the steepest learning curve I have found myself on for some years. I decided to try a traditional style, verdaccio, where you start with a green underpainting to balance the warmer pinks of the skin. And also I used a sanded paper which was completely new to me. The next time I play with new ideas, I will do so on a portrait that isn’t a commission and save myself a lot of added stress. That said, it was a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself as an artist, and verdaccio and I will, I hope, become good friends in time.